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7 Questions To Ponder When Choosing A Marketing Agency

Updated: Jun 6, 2019

We’ll never make the claim that we can help everyone achieve their marketing goals and objectives. We are a niche' branding agency excelling in the areas of brand design, content creation and social branding. Whether we are good fit or not, we encourage you to ask yourself these 7 questions when determining if an agency is the right fit for you.


What exactly does my brand or company need?

Only you as the owner or company know your strengths. As the old saying goes, staff your weaknesses. This is a good time to truly define what it is you do best in-house, before soliciting the needs of a marketing agency.

Do you know your target market and what are their behaviors?

It’s difficult to establish goals and parameters for your business when you have no clue who you should be targeting. Agencies will certainly vet you for this information. If you’re unsure or need assistance with defining this, a great agency should have the tools to assist.

What's your budget?

There’s no sense in sugar coating your financial situation. Eventually the branding conversation will lead to this. Be upfront in the beginning stages of talks with an agency. The agency may or may not be in your marketing budget, but it’s better to lay it all out to determine what your options are.

If you and the agency are mutually a good fit, it is possible that payment options may be available.



Are they making guarantees?

No agency can guarantee bottom line results. The marketing industry is too volatile for such a promise; but, when speaking with a potential agency, there should be definitive strategies that can be outlined to help reach your goals. If they can’t tell you exactly how they can help, chances are they won't be any help at all.

Does the agency have case studies?

How do you know that a marketing agency can produce what you’re asking for? Simple. Ask them what they done/accomplished with previous clients. This will give you insight on the capabilities of the agency and if they are possibly a good fit for your needs.

Do they claim to do everything?

A jack of all trades agency is a jack of nothing agency. It is an extreme anomaly that a marketing agency excels at everything. Frankly, although we’ve heard of them existing, we’ve never actually come across one. A thriving agency will have core strengths just as any successful business does. Considering the circumstances it is perfectly normal for an agency to contract out services to supplement their strengths. Watch out for Jack!

What is the culture of the agency?

In this tech-heavy world, those who’ve mastered the soft skills will excel. Before you have a consultation with a potential agency, do a little research on their social presence to get an idea of their culture. If it doesn’t align with the values and culture of your brand, you may want to look elsewhere.


We hope this list gets your creative juices flowing. If you feel 12/24 Media could potentially be a fit as your branding agency, book a free consultation with us.

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